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Never has it been more important to understand ourselves and others as we work remotely, collaborate across virtual boundaries with colleagues, and strive to balance professional and personal demands on our time.

Insights Discovery  supports individuals in performing at their best by improving their understanding of themselves and the people who matter most to their success, thereby enabling them to work better together.  Individuals gain deeper insights into the preferences that influence their perceptions, decisions, personal style and interactions with others, and are empowered to make changes that improve their performance and relationships.

H.C. Bonum is a Distributor and Licensed Practitioner of Insights with vast experience and a solid track record in using Insights products to create and implement capacity building and performance enhancement solutions for individuals, teams and organizations.

We can transform your business. Contact us today to begin your journey with Insights.



What is it?

Insights Discovery is a psychometric tool built to enhance emotional intelligence through increased self and social awareness. 

The Insights Discovery Methodology uses a simple and memorable four colour model called Color Energies (Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue), Insights Discovery Personal Profiles and interactive in-person and virtual learning experiences to help people understand the strengths and weaknesses of their personality traits and develop adaptability in responding to situations and  interacting successfully with others.

Who can use it?

Insights Discovery provides a solid foundation in self-awareness that is valuable to individuals at all organizational levels, in every function, working in collocated or remote teams. 

It is useful for relationship building, people management, effective communication, and conflict management.


What will you gain?

Insights Discovery can be applied to a variety of business challenges to achieve

•Improvement in personal effectiveness

•Enhancement in team productivity

•Improvement in leadership effectiveness

•Enhancement in sales performance

•Effectiveness in change management

•Culture transformation

•Improvement in Customer Service


How does it work?

Individuals complete the 25-frame Insights Discovery Online Evaluator from which their unique and in-depth Insights Discovery Personality Profile is generated.

The standard foundation profile includes key sections covering Personal Style, Decision Making Preferences, Strengths, Weaknesses, Communication Preferences, and much more. 


Additional optional chapters include Management and Sales Effectiveness.

Using the profiles, we work with individuals, teams and leaders through a variety of traditional  and virtual instructor led learning experiences to unpack and address the challenges that prevent them from optimal performance.



Effective teamwork is the bedrock of successful organizations. The abilities required to rally around collective goals, collaborate to innovate and solve business problems, address interpersonal conflict, work interdependently and maintain cohesion under pressure are essential traits of high performing teams.

Insights Discovery supports collocated and remote teams in overcoming the challenges arising from diverse interpersonal styles.

H.C. Bonum has significant experience working with teams at all levels of the organization (leadership, departmental, business unit, cross functional project teams, etc) to improve their focus, collaboration, climate and collective performance using Insights products.

We can help your teams increase their productivity.  Contact us today to boost the performance of your organization’s teams.


Watch this video for more information about Insights Team Effectiveness


Teamwork makes the dream work!

What is it?

The Discovering Team Effectiveness Program builds on the simple four-colour model of Insights Discovery to help team members learn how their individual preferences affect team dynamics and performance, and how to adjust to new methods of communicating, sharing and collaborating.

It introduces the Insights Discovery Team Effectiveness Model which provides teams with a simple, useful and practical framework for assessing and improving their effectiveness. Through a series of in-person or virtual discussions, workshops, exercises and breakout sessions, teams develop clear and practical action plans that accelerate progress towards their goals.

Who can use it?

The program is suitable for teams at all levels, newly formed teams, teams that have experienced recent change, or that struggle with communication.

What will you gain?

•  Enhancement in collective purpose

•  Improvement in joint and collective accountability

•  Improvement in team communication

•  Improvement in virtual collaboration

•  Enhancement in team connection and cohesion

•  Improvement in working methods



The effectiveness of a leader has a strong influence on the effectiveness of the teams that they lead, remotely or face to face. Great leaders provide vision, direction, guidance, motivation, catalyst for change, role modeling and development opportunities not only to the people they manage, but also their peers, their own leaders and the entire organization. According to the management guru Peter Drucker, leadership is a means to an end. Its essence is performance.

Insights Discovery supports leaders leading collocated or virtual teams in becoming the best leader they can be by helping them to be more aware of their core strengths and weaknesses, and the impact of their leadership style on others.

H.C. Bonum has a solid track record of working with leaders across all levels and supporting them, in-person or virtually, in becoming more open to adapting their leadership behaviors to meet the unique requirements of their leadership role.

We can foster a strong and effective leadership culture in your organization.  Contact us today to develop your leaders.


Watch this video for more information about Insights Leadership Effectiveness



What is it?

The Discovering Leadership Effectiveness Program builds on the foundational model of Insights Discovery to help leaders explore their personal leadership style and unique value.

It leverages the Management chapter of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile and  introduces the Insights Discovery Four Manifestations of Leadership Model to provide leaders with a simple, useful and practical framework for assessing and improving their leadership effectiveness in collocated and virtual work environments.

Through a series of in-person or virtual workshops and/or coaching sessions, leaders learn how their individual style and preferences manifest themselves in their leadership style and how to adapt their leadership approach for more balanced and optimal leadership results.

Who can use it?

The program is suitable for leaders at all levels and leaders leading virtual teams.

What will you gain?

•  Enhancement in emotional intelligence

•  Improvement in leadership style

•  Improvement in virtual leadership

•  Enhancement in leadership communication

•  Improvement in team engagement and performance



Selling and influencing are skills that are essential for creating professional success, especially for salespeople.  The most successful sales professionals focus less on converting the customer and more on connecting with their customer.  They possess the ability to pick up verbal and non-verbal cues from their customers and use this understanding to build rapport, trust and credibility, which lead to greater influence and persuasion.

Insights Discovery supports sales professionals in improving their sales performance by deepening their understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their personal style at each stage of the selling process and helping them to identify and address their customers’ needs upfront to enable a successful sale.

H.C. Bonum has proven experience in supporting sales teams in becoming more effective in selling by leveraging their strengths, assessing the complexities of their sales situation and understanding their customers’ unique needs.

We can boost your sales performance. Contact us today transform your sales force.


Watch this video for more information about Discovery Sales Effectiveness


What is it?

The Discovering Sales Effectiveness Program builds on the simple four-colour model of Insights Discovery to help sales professionals understand how they can use their unique style to develop personal connections that enable them to influence their customers, peers and managers.

It leverages the Sales Effectiveness chapter of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile and introduces the Insights Discovery Six Stages of Influencing Model to provide sales professionals with a simple, useful and practical framework for understanding their strengths and opportunities for improvement at each stage of the sales cycle and customizing their actions to be more effective in influencing customers and colleagues.

Who can use it?

The program is suitable for sales professionals at all levels who want to accelerate their sales process and boost their sales performance.

What will you gain?

•  Improvement in understanding customer preferences

•  Improvement in rapport and relationships with customers

•  Improvement in influence and persuasion

•  Acceleration in sales cycle.



Feedback is essential for performance improvement whether one is working on a task or a relationship.  When feedback is constructive and delivered in a positive way, it has the power to reinforce the right behaviors and correct undesirable behaviors. The success of a team is impacted by how well team members give, receive and act on feedback from each other and their stakeholders. 

Insights Discovery supports individuals in understanding the perceptions others have of them by providing a 360 Degree Feedback Tool that is simple, easy to understand and familiar and allows them to receive feedback in a positive, constructive and non-threatening way.

H.C. Bonum has supported individuals at all levels of client organizations in becoming more self-aware through feedback from members of the immediate work circle.

Contact us today to give your people a broad perspective of their performance.


Watch this video for more information about Discovery Full Circle.


What is it?

The Discovery Full Circle Program builds on the simple four-colour model of Insights Discovery to help individuals receive 360 Degree Feedback from others in a way that is positive, engaging, inspiring and enables them consider their personal impact on others.

First, the individual completes the Insights Discovery online questionnaire. Then a feedback group of their manager, peers and/or customers are invited to complete a 10-question assessment about them with the option to add comment. Feedback can be anonymous or named.

Who can use it?

The program is suitable for individuals at all levels who would benefit from gaining insights into their relationships with members of their work circle and the perceptions of others about them. It can also be used for intact teams who know each other well.

What will you gain?

  • Improvement in self-awareness

  • Reduction in blind spots

  • Enhancement in work relationships

  • Effectiveness in positive reinforcement and constructive redirection

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