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Whether virtual or in-person, Conferences and Retreats provide leaders with the opportunity to create alignment for future strategic initiatives with the stakeholders (management and front-line staff) responsible for implementing and monitoring the company’s “Big Bets”.  Leaders are able to effectively direct the energy of their constituents towards the most important things that guarantee future success.

These meetings are also times when collective knowledge and wisdom can be leveraged through experience sharing, lessons from the past can be distilled, and business assumptions can be evaluated based on emerging trends. Additionally, they create an environment in which team members can create connections and bonds that facilitate greater teamwork and collaboration in the workplace.

H.C. Bonum has a solid track record in meeting facilitation and has supported clients in planning, organizing and facilitating team, departmental and management retreats, as well as large conferences with over 200 participants.




  • Strong business partnering to understand your conference or retreat objectives

  • Support before, during and after the conference or retreat

  • Creative design and architecture of conference/retreat experience to achieve business outcomes

  • Best-in-class event anchoring services that ensure conference/retreat activities stay focused and on track

  • Team bonding and team building activities that engage, energize and educate your stakeholders

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