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The Heartbeat of H.C. Bonum

“At H.C. Bonum, our culture is to go over and beyond in ensuring that our customers are satisfied and by so doing, we earn their trust.” I remember our MD/CEO, Lanre Onasanya, sharing a story about our first client engagement with us during one of the weekly meetings which held in my first month at the company. He told of how team members spent several weeks planning to impress the customer and meet their needs and I have often wondered if it was “overkill”. They delivered a world class program, ensured the customer was satisfied and built a trusted relationship with the client that has blossomed over the years.

We take pride in delivering capacity building solutions in several countries around the world, the most recent being the United States, and building strong relationships along the way. The journey has not been without its challenges, but we have made it this far only because of you, our customers, and for that we say THANK YOU!

Our values of Alignment, Focus, Integrity and Accountability have been the driving force in propelling us to serve and deliver value to you and I have come to appreciate each of them and how we actively embed them in all that we do.

1. Alignment- As a business, we invest time in understanding you, your desired outcomes and needs. We ask ourselves:

· Do we understand your business?

· Do we understand how you make money?

· Do we understand how we can add value to you?

Asking these and other probing questions enables us deliver bespoke solutions that address your unique needs.

2. Focus- You are at the heart of all that we do! Our products and services are developed and targeted at addressing your people development and performance enhancement needs. Delivering value to you is our goal and we ensure our planning and priorities reflect this. We want you to feel so served that you call us back for Repeat Business! Our metric for measuring how well we have served you, is your choice to do business with us again and your confidence in referring us to others.

“Satisfaction is a rating; Loyalty is a brand.” – Shep Hyken

3. Integrity- The hallmark of a great business or professional is keeping promises. One must never compromise on quality in one’s service delivery or product development. During engagements with clients, we often remind them of our commitments even the ones they might have forgotten. Our word is our bond and many of you have often told us that you rest easy when we are involved because you trust us to give the best.

4. Accountability- To serve you better, we constantly review, and course correct. I remember working on a consulting engagement with one of my directors. The first day of the engagement ended at 10:00PM and we were both tired and exhausted. Despite that, we ensured we still met to review the day and discuss what went well and what we could do better the next day. Creating value for you is the standard to which we hold ourselves.

Without you we would not be where we are today. Thank You! Thank you for your trust, confidence, partnership, feedback, and continued patronage. You keep challenging us and empowering us to continue to go over and beyond. You are our heartbeat.

Have we been of service to you? Have we in some way added value to your personal and professional development? Have you seen us demonstrate any of our values? Is there a way we can serve you better? We would love to hear from you, so take a moment to connect with us by responding to this email.

Have a wonderful November.

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